JTS (Johanson Transportation Service)

When shipping finished goods or raw material around the country, you can turn to JTS for extensive, flexible transportation solutions. JTS has strong relationships with the most credible intermodal, rail, ocean and drayage companies in the nation and is a member of the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA).

Intermodal: Intermodal freight transportation involves loading freight in a secure container and moving it via truck and rail, and it usually offers significant savings to the customer when compared to traditional OTR. This method reduces cargo handling and may allow freight to be moved faster, with more security and less damage. Technology and design innovations have afforded smoother ride characteristics with less chance of damage. It has the fastest unencumbered transit schedules. Transit times are consistent - seven to eight days coast-to-coast, and four to five days from the west coast to the Midwest.

JTS has strategic alliances with intermodal, rail, ocean and drayage companies to offer our customers a single-stop solution. We can offer door-to-door services and access to all major ports, rail ramps and consumer markets in North America, including some points in Canada and Mexico.

Proper blocking/bracing techniques must be used, and responsibility for adequate packaging, loading, floor blocking and bracing of the shipment lies entirely with the shipper. The JTS intermodal team can advise the shipper on these requirements.

JTS partners with eight transportation providers to utilize tens of thousands of available rail and asset carrier-owned equipment for freight weighing 42,500 pounds or less:

  • 53-foot dry stacktrain containers nationwide.
  • 20’, 40’ and 45’ ISO boxes for westbound service only.
  • Dry containers are mainly used, but temperature-controlled boxes are popular and are available in certain lanes.

You can trace the status of your shipments using our cloud-based Arriviture® technology.

Download our Rail Intermodal Solutions brochure.