JTS (Johanson Transportation Service)

LTL Common Carrier Service: For shipments of one to 14 pallets, leverage JTS’ buying power. We will customize an LTL program using multiple, reliable carrier options to streamline your LTL process. We handle all negotiations, pick-up scheduling, service monitoring and invoice auditing, cross-docking and pool distribution.

LTL Consolidation: We can pool your Non-Perishable freight with compatible freight of our many customers. We coordinate pickup and delivery schedules so your freight is handled at a minimum, generally only at the original loading and unloading site. This option minimizes the risk of damage to more fragile freight as it's handled fewer times in transit.

Temp-Controlled LTL Solutions (Heated, Cooled and Frozen): You receive a login to our cloud-based Arriviture® technology, for access to customized rates. Simply enter the weight, destination and origination zip codes and get an instant quote on your desktop! Rates are priced to your account, from any point to any point in the U.S. with delivery nationwide. Scheduled pickup dates are available for each metro area so you can plan shipments with ease.

Logistics Management & Consulting: JTS customers get a free evaluation of load routing, consolidation, carriers, lanes, order processing, and route planning, with improvement ideas.

Warehouse/DC Services: We can find you the best warehouse and location to meet your needs, anywhere in North America.

Transportation Management: Some companies struggle to find labor or are forced to cut benefits, wages and other logistics management costs at their company. Outsourcing freight coordination to JTS can help.Let us do an analysis to see if you can realize gains in this area.

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